Up-Cycling Clothing in the ‘Dirty Pot’ Bootcamp – Day 2

Up-Cycling Clothing in the ‘Dirty Pot’ Bootcamp – Day 2

Join me for day 2 of this FREE 3 day bootcamp when I will share exactly how to prepare your garments in advance of an eco printing session to maximise the success of your botanical prints and I’ll dive deep into my top recommendations for setting up your first ‘dirty pot’!
Registering here https://members.nicolabrown.ie/up-cycling-clothing-bootcamp means a surprise thank you gift from me about afterwards and you’ll get daily reminders before I go live.
Click HERE or the image below to go straight to the livestream that will go live at 6pm BST (Irish time)

Each day during the bootcamp I will build on the knowledge already shared so by the end of out time together you should know where to start, have confidence up-cycling garments from your own wardrobe or thrift stores and have a step by step plan to help you achieve the results that you have always been dreaming of!

Click HERE for a timezone converter so you can check what time 6pm BST is where you live.

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