Blackberry eco prints on upcycled clothes!

Blackberry eco prints on upcycled clothes!


Blackberry or bramble leaves are great to use when eco printing as they create beautiful prints. You can use both the tougher, older leaves and the young, light green leaves. The flexible stems create stunning purple prints in the dirty pot. They make the most beautiful prints on wool, silk and cellulose fabric. They are one of my favourite leaves to use in the studio.



These photos are all using blackberry eco prints on up-cycled clothing – the first picture is Paul wearing a T-shirt that he printed during a private workshop with me.


Where are you on your eco printing journey? Why not check out my YouTube video on how to be successful in yours!

PS. If you are serious about learning, my comprehensive eBook, ‘Eco Printing in the Dirty Pot‘ is the perfect investment to hit the ground running. 

PPS. I’d love to see your prints! Join my Eco Printing and Felting Facebook group to post your creations and see what other members of our community have been up to 


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