Wonderful wool

Wonderful wool

One of my favourite fabrics to work with is wool and it’s difficult to beat the drama of simple onion skins when it comes to reliable prints! I’ve a selection of comfortable, feather filled cushions on various chairs and couches at Clasheen, the covers are removable and machine washable but to be honest they rarely need any attention.

Nicola brown Clasheen Wonderful wool

The fabric was woven locally for me by Philip at Cushendale Woollen Mills but old blankets make a very good substitute if you’d like to print and see up your own. It always frustrates me when I hear anyone poo pooing the power of onion skins! They are one of the most reliable things to use for printing in the ‘dirty pot’ and what I recommend anyone uses for their first time eco printing without traditional powered mordants.

Why not check out this comprehensive video on YouTube if you’d like to learn more?

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