Up-cycling garments and request for help

Up-cycling garments and request for help

Expect an exciting announcement next week about a short online course that I’m currently finalising. It’s going to take the form of an up-cycling garment challenge and will guide you, step by step, through the fun process of revamping clothes from your own wardrobe or thrift store finds! It’s totally suitable for absolute beginners or more experienced eco printers alike and will combine videos, text and a live element each day for the duration of the challenge. Have you time to fill out this short form about eco printing garments to help me decide if I’ve covered any potential questions via the content I will be delivering?

Click here to fill out a short form about up-cycling garments in the ‘dirty pot’


Most of the challenge content will be about printing complete garments but I’ll also share how to make three individual accessories out of one old woollen sweater. BTW did you know that in Ireland we call a sweater a jumper? The cowl above is one such piece! Originally it was the lower body portion of a sweater and was totally transformed using Cornus alba Sibirica leaves, aka dogwood.

Thanks to everyone who fills out the form, your help is much appreciated!



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