Up-Cycle Your Clothing in the ‘Dirty Pot’ Challenge

Up-Cycle Your Clothing in the ‘Dirty Pot’ Challenge

If you enjoyed the free bootcamp would you like to join me for my new Up-Cycling your Clothing in the ‘Dirty Pot’ Challenge?

Everything that I share will sky rocket your knowledge about eco printing in an environmentally mindful and health conscious way whether you intend to print garments, felt or yardage but the most fun will be had if you choose to revamp old clothes from your wardrobe or thrift stores!

This is a super way of learning the foundations of eco printing in the ‘dirty pot’ with me at an affordable price. The challenge costs $49 and includes access to step by step video tutorials and library of content for a full 6 weeks, a private Facebook Group, live chats from me to guide your progress, the opportunity to share pictures of your eco printing, ask questions and get my feedback on your results as well as the chance to make friends with other challenge participants! We’ll also have a ‘graduation’ party on Zoom during which I’m hoping that many of you will wear some of your newly printed clothes!

Click HERE or the image below to join the challenge!

Register before 5.50pm BST today to qualify for a super special fast acting BONUS!


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