Felt Vessel before & after

Felt Vessel before & after

The same felt vessel, before and after eco printing in the dirty pot! Which do you prefer?

Nicola brown Felt Vessel

Nicola brown Clasheen Felt Vessel

The white vessel has an elegant simplicity about it, it looks more pure. The raised details and texture are definitely more evident before printing.

I love how the eco printed vessel blends into the landscape. Although I am often worried about whether I’m making the correct choice by printing, it is a very rare occasion that I’m disappointed so I have to say the printed one is my own favourite!

Let me know what you think! If you would like to try your hand at making a felt vessel for yourself, why not check out my YouTube tutorial.

And if you do prefer the eco printed version, you can buy my comprehensive ‘Eco Printing in the Dirty Pot’ eBook and try it yourself!


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