Exhibition news, Something Red and Sculpture in Context

Exhibition news, Something Red and Sculpture in Context

Exhibition work is something that I would love to have more time for. Writing proposals, pushing myself, making samples, working towards an end goal but being mindful of where the process leads and open to new direction all takes a lot of time and plenty of quiet hours with headspace to think. I am very happy that two proposals for exhibitions during 2019 were successful: firstly I had 2 pieces accepted for Something Red and then Ariane Tobin and I had a joint proposal accepted for Sculpture in Context.

Something Red was (and is) a joint venture by Filtti – the Finnish Felting Association and Feltmakers Ireland. From 1st July to 4th August selected work was on exhibition in Jamsa, Finland and now the Irish pieces have arrived home and will soon be on exhibition at Portunmna Castle. This will take place from 8th to 22nd September as part of the Shorlines Art Festival and is a great opportunity to see gorgeous felt from Irish makers in a beautiful setting!

Eco printed wall hanging

‘Where passions unite’

Here are a couple of photos from Jamsa. The wall hanging is titled ‘Where passions unite’ and the lap blanket ‘Keep me close to your heart’, both are reversible. If you’d like to read the inspiration behind these pieces and see more of the Irish felt in Finland please visit the Feltmakers Ireland website. Thanks to FI for representing us so successfully abroad and Maureen Cromer in particular for all her incredibly hard work organising this from the Irish side of things.

Eco printed lap blanket

‘Keep me close to your heart’

Sculpture in Context was established in 1985 and since 2002 has been held at the National Botanic Gardens in Glasnevin, Dublin. Last year my eco print and indigo over dyed installation ‘Transient Blues’ was sited outside surrounded by mature oak trees but this year the gallery inside will be the location for ‘Hybridization’. This piece comprises of two large pods and is a collaboration between me and good friend jeweller Ariane Tobin. As we said in our proposal “These pods are a mating of our different artistic practices, textiles and jewellery making. We are both inspired by the natural world in our individual work and for some time have been exploring the possibilities inherent in combining our materials and techniques to form a new whole. Inspired by seed pods, “Hybridization” is the result of this collaboration. It’s a combination of hard and soft, enamelled copper and brass, wool and silk, curved shapes and sharper spikes, a meeting of minds and our different individual raw materials.”. The official opening of SIC 2019 is on Wednesday night then it’s open to the public from Thursday 5th September until Friday 18th October. Ariane and I are really looking forward to visiting the gardens and seeing all the selected sculptures in situ! Here are a few pics of the pods in process as I felted at Clasheen and one teaser shot of Ariane’s gorgeous enamelled disks and spikes once we finally got all the different elements united. We intend taking loads of pictures of the completed pods at the opening night!

Felt and metal pod



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