Collaboration with Alison Ospina!

Collaboration with Alison Ospina!

Collaboration is always exciting. Since early during the first lockdown in 2020, I’ve been printing upholstery fabric for a selection of beautiful green wood furniture made by Cork based Alison Ospina. It always fascinated me how she and Jessica (who does the actual upholstery) select different parts of the fabric to highlight than I would if the decision was mine. That’s all part of the collaboration process and fun of seeing the finished pieces! The fabric in this case is wool serge and the leaves are home grown eucalyptus.

Check out Green Wood Chairs and their other beautiful pieces here

Nicola brown Collaboration

Collaboration  Nicola brown

Collaboration Nicola brown Clasheen

Nicola brown Clasheen Collaboration

Collaboration  Nicola brown Clasheen

PS. If you are interested in learning more on how to eco print in the dirty pot, all the foundation information is in my eBook which you can purchase here!