Check out this amazing free ‘Transformation Value Manifesto’!

Check out this amazing free ‘Transformation Value Manifesto’!

Developing a sustainable business model based on skills that I already had would not have been possible, or even thinkable if my business mentor Micheal O’Neill hadn’t recommended I follow Jeff Walker online at this time last year.

To say that what I’ve learned and put into practice since then has transformed my life is a total understatement!

If you don’t know Jeff Walker, he’s THE original launch guy – the man that started it all. He’s been teaching business owners how to launch for over 25 years and his students have done over a BILLION dollars in sales.

If you’ve ever seen anyone launch a product, service or membership online – including me – they either learned it from Jeff or they learned it from someone who learned it from him.The “Transformational Value Manifesto” is his latest collection of strategies. In it, he walks you through a proven, simple process for creating an offer you know your followers and peers are going to LOVE.

This is based on the skills and resources that you already actually have! The processes Jeff teaches are what I started to put in place at the end of last year and without them I wouldn’t be able to share skills freely with others, pay my bills and have the time to help care for family members too.

He guides you through the whole thing with a few simple questions and all you have to do to create your first, or next killer offer is follow along.

The one catch? It’s only available for a few days so you need to act NOW.

Just click the following link to pick up your copy of the ‘Transformation Value Manifesto’ and see how you too can develop your business.



PS When you pick up your copy of the ‘Transformational Value Manifesto’ you’ll also get FREE access to Jeff’s Launch Masterclass™ – 3 days of LIVE training, where he walks you through his famous “Product Launch Formula®”.

PPS I am including information about Jeff Walker in this post because I truly believe that the information he shares is exceptional. If you decide at any time to purchase from him in the future, I may be compensated as an affiliate. I can assure you that I would never, ever promote something that I didn’t believe in.