Check out my Pinterest!

Check out my Pinterest!

Are you interested in wet felting, eco printing, foraging, homestead, natural inspiration, up-cycling, developing a craft business and sustainable textiles in general?

If you answered yes to any of topics, you will love my Pinterest account.
You will find plenty of pins regarding all of the above and more! I have multiple boards and I am posting regularly so why not check it out by clicking here!



If foraging is your thing, click the following link to go straight to my foraging board.
If you are a sustainability fanatic, the following link will bring you to my sustainability board.
Or if wet felted jewellery is the way to your heart, get some ideas and inspiration off my wet felted jewellery board.


If you enjoy learning from the pins on my Pinterest, why not try your hand at eco printing without powdered mordants yourself? Check out my comprehensive ‘Eco Printing in the Dirty Pot’ eBook today!

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