Eco Print & Wet Felt Club Launch!

Eco Print & Wet Felt Club Launch!

Thanks so much to everyone who helped make the final session of the free eco printing bootcamp such an international event; it was wonderful to welcome participants from all corners of the globe!

Why not join me at 6pm BST tonight to continue the conversation and raise a glass to celebrate the launch of my Eco Print and Wet Felt Club?
If you are looking for a no nonsense, friendly and approachable guide by your shoulder (regardless of your previous experience) who will help you achieve the results you are dreaming of, could that be me?
To see if the club might be a good fit for you I’ll share the low down about what to expect and take you on a short tour of the club library, of course I will also answer all your questions too!

Registration to the club will only be open for a very limited time frame, from 6pm BST this evening up until 11.59pm BST on Sunday 14th August.

Here are some more recent testimonials to whet your appetite.

“My background is wet felting. I was so excited to join Nicola’s Eco Printing and Felting club. Eco printing was the next step for me to enhance my felting. I have found it really exciting, as Nicola says unrolling your eco printed bundle is like opening a wonderful gift, and it truly is. I’ve also learned more tips and Techniques to help me with my felting. Nicola is a great instructor/mentor. The videos and instructions are easy to follow. The members of the club are just great. It’s awesome to see their work, and questions are answered quickly by Nicola and lots of informative input from the club. I would highly recommend the club to anyone interested in Eco printing, and felting.” – Jan Carey, Ontario, Canada.

“I already had experience wet felting but when I did Nicola’s felted bag and eco printing workshop the detailed instructions and tips she shared have improved my felting technique significantly. Nicolas introduction to eco printing was so detailed and clear I got amazing prints from my first try and continue to do so. I’ve done a lot of felt tutorials but I found Nicolas to be full of more information and tips, she really shares all her knowledge openly and so clear to understand.” – Debbie Cairns, Australia

“I am relatively new to eco printing, I discovered Nicola videos and free classes on YouTube and was amazed by her generosity and inner kindness in leading lectures and explanations of the techniques she is master. I then read her ‘Eco Printing in the Dirty Pot’ eBook and decided to enroll in the membership programme. I’m happily learning a lot following her course, now trying wet felting too, a quite irksome topic to me! Nicola is surely one of the best teachers I’ve ever found, I am really grateful to her “bible” instructions and suggestions.” – Francesca

To join the livestream this evening, please click HERE!
That’s it for now, I really look forward to ‘seeing’ many of you tonight and please don’t forget a glass or mug with a drink of your choice!