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Workshops with Nicola Brown 2020

Due to the current worldwide Covid-19 crisis all hands on Irish and international workshops with Nicola have been cancelled. Instead, a new series of online workshops has been launched and these have proved a big success to date.


6 module online workshop open for registration

Eco printing, an intensive exploration into the magic of a ‘dirty pot’!

The next running of this 6 module workshop is currently open for registration, the start date is Friday 11th September and the course content will be available online to participants right up until the 18th December. Please click here for all the details. If you would like to be kept informed of new workshops and get advance notice of sign up dates please consider joining Nicola’s mailing list.


FAQ about online workshops with Nicola Brown – updated information valid from 29th August 2020

How does an online workshop with Nicola differ from a hands-on experience in the classroom? 

During an online workshop participants get the opportunity to engage with Nicola over an extended period of time to discover techniques, tips and processing methods which will form the basis of their textile art into the future. Participants get the chance to ask questions and receive feedback as they work their way through the course content. Rather than be limited to asking questions within the restraints and time limit of a hands-on class, students may complete the assignments as and when they have time, reflect on their results, repeat the processes as many times as desired, share images of the pieces they have created and ask for feedback. 

Who are these workshops particularly aimed at? 

These workshops are aimed at anyone who would like to learn new techniques or refine old in a fun and supportive environment. They are an extremely cost effective way of participating in a workshop with Nicola and receiving personal, constructive feedback. Since the current worldwide Covid-19 crisis began they are also a practical way of learning new techniques and interacting with other participants from the comfort and safety of the home environment.  

Are the workshops suitable for both beginners and more experienced participants? 

Absolutely! Unless clearly stated otherwise, all the course content is designed to empower the total beginner with confidence in the processes learnt and give them the skills to be able to repeat their results at home by themselves. There should also be plenty of ‘ah ha’ moments for the more experienced participant too! 

Will it be possible to access materials and equipment needed for an online workshop regardless of where you live especially during the current Covid-19 crisis?

Yes. During each workshop Nicola will share plenty of information about the absolute basics needed to create successful pieces and then expand on this to share additional items which make studio life easier. There will be links to her favourite online suppliers in different parts of the world that are still providing a good service so even if you are in lockdown you should be able to access supplies. A little bit of lateral thinking helps too so during a workshop don’t hesitate to shout if you need suggestions for alternative equipment or materials to use.

What happens if I would like to participate in an eco printing workshop but live in a different part of the world and don’t have access to fresh vegetation? Can I still participate?

Regardless of where you live in the world you will be able to participate in an online eco printing workshop with Nicola. She will give you advice about the easiest vegetation to use for successful results and plenty of information about how to store it for times of the year when no fresh leaves, bark or seed pods are available in your region. Onion skins also give incredible prints all year round so in an absolute emergency they can be combined with a few store cupboard ingredients for successful results. Remember, a workshop is an environment where new techniques are learnt and working with limited vegetation isn’t actually a bad thing! You can concentrate on technique and refining your practice then have fun experimenting with fresh new vegetation as and when it is in season in your region. Nicola has plenty of experience teaching internationally so will be able to give you suggestions for leaves to try in your part of the world, not just Ireland and Europe. 

How is the workshop content delivered? 

The workshop content is delivered through a series of written modules. Each module is like a chapter in a conventional book and at the end of the workshop comprehensive notes may be downloaded as a PDF and saved (or printed) for future reference. That’s where the similarities to a book end though! In addition to written text and images each online workshop contains a series of short video clips which clearly demonstrate specific tips and techniques. Throughout the course of an online workshop discussion prompts are initiated by Nicola relevant to the topics covered during the various modules. Participants are encouraged to ask questions, post pictures, request feedback from Nicola and engage with each other. Nicola will also set up an optional private Facebook group (moderated by respected professional colleagues) for participants to interact with each other, have fun and share information in a safe, respectful environment. 

How long will participants have access to class content? 

Individual online workshops have different lengths of time for participants to access the class content and this information will be clearly stated in the sales page for the relevant workshop. For example, an intensive 6 module workshop costing from $200 will be available online to participants for between 4 and 6 months from the start date depending on the time of year while a short and sweet eco print meets felt pod workshop costing $30 will usually only be available online for a total of 6 weeks. Each participant will get a reminder from Nicola before the end date so that they may download any relevant PDFs for future reference but items such as the online videos will not be accessible from then onwards. Remember, information about how long you have access to each online workshop will be clearly stated in the sales page for the class before you actually register so you will be able to make an informed choice.

Is there ongoing support from Nicola during the course of an online workshop? 

Absolutely! Nicola is available to answer all of your questions, review your images and give you feedback relating to the class content throughout the course of each online workshop. Initially this will be daily. Please check the sales page for individual workshops to see how long this daily support continues (usually 8 weeks for a 6 module workshop and 4 weeks for a short project based workshop) then this changes to weekly support (usually a couple of times a week) rather than every day. This is to ensure that participants who want to work through the workshop content in tandem with Nicola have quick responses to their questions but participants who wish to work at their own pace over a period of months are guaranteed to have feedback and answers too.

Is there a set class time each day that I need to be at my computer or can I access the workshop at a time to suit myself?

The beauty of the online workshops that Nicola offers means that everyone can participate, regardless of where they live and what time zone they live in. There is no set time each day where you have to be at your computer or tablet, each individual works through the modules at a time and pace to suit themselves. Nicola answers questions during the day Irish time but participants can ask them at any time!

Is it possible to view class content on a tablet or mobile device? 

Yes. Tablets and mobile devices work well with Ruzuku, the online learning platform that Nicola uses. 

What happens if I am not very confident using a computer? Will I be able to follow along with the class? 

Ruzuku is pretty simple to navigate, if you can write an email or open a website you should have no problems with the course. However, in order to ease everyone into the class Nicola has an introduction at the start of every workshop with tips to help guide you through the weeks ahead. She is also very happy to help anyone who needs a bit of extra support until they are comfortable and confident with the online learning platform. 

How much do online workshops cost? 

Usually 6 week intensive workshops cost $220 but since lockdown Nicola has been offering them at $200 to help make things easier for participants. She has also started offering short and sweet eco print meets felt project based online workshops for $30. Both longer and short workshops will be run several times throughout the calendar year although the class content may vary slightly depending on the season.

How do I pay for a workshop? 

When you visit the enrolment page to sign up for a workshop you will be given two options for payment, both will be processed via PayPal. US dollars is the default choice for payment but if you would prefer to be billed in Euros select that option and Nicola will invoice you privately. Please note, your class place is not confirmed until you have paid the invoice in full. Thanks! 

Remember, if you would like to be kept informed of new workshops and get advance notice of sign up dates please consider joining Nicola’s mailing list.