Up-Cycle Your Clothing in the ‘Dirty Pot’ Challenge

Up-Cycle Your Clothing in the ‘Dirty Pot’ Challenge

I’m so happy to see excitement building amongst those of you who’ve already jumped on board for the ‘Up-Cycle Your Clothing in the ‘Dirty Pot’ Challenge’.

During our time together I will cut through information overload so that not only will you learn the absolute foundations of eco printing in an environmentally mindful and health conscious way but will finish the challenge with a whole new wardrobe of beautiful and individual clothes to wear!

Later today I’ll be sharing a simple calendar with everyone giving an outline of what to expect each day from Monday 17th onwards.

If you’re not already a participant but would like to join me and a warm, fun group of peers for this exciting learning opportunity please click this link to register for the challenge.

If you still have more questions please click here to join me at 6pm BST tonight when I will answer them live on YouTube.

  • Karen Young
    Posted at 23:21h, 15 October Reply

    I just found you and love you! Your dirty pot and iron water seems just right for me! I grew up in the country along a river. My family had cows, pigs, chickens and pigs. We grew our own food also. Our playground was the swamp and fishing and all things outdoors. We picked up pecans to earn our spending money and did chores inside and out. My grandmother taught me how to cook, quilt, sew and explore more! I don’t have but a dog but still live on the property and have a pollinator dye garden that is getting larger each year. I also have fruit trees and have one eucalyptus tree and 4 continue shrubs all young still but I plan on planting more. I do have lots of native trees and shrubs, that I plan on trying. during the challenge. I am thankful that You will be standing behind encouraging me to do this and not just think about doing it. THANK YOU! I get it and can’t wait for the 8 day Up=Cycle Your Clothing on Monday… You are a hoot! Thank you so much for sharing so much with me.

    • Nicola B.
      Posted at 18:23h, 01 November Reply

      You are so very welcome Karen and it’s a pleasure to meet someone as passionate as I am about the environment and gardening!!!

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