Eco printed French linen

Vintage French linen wall hanging/runner

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This lovely long vintage French linen piece may be hung from either end (there is a channel for a dowel) or used as a runner to dress a table or bed. It would look wonderful hanging on the return of a stairs! The linen is eco printed using a tannin iron reaction where the oak leaves have acted as a resist meaning that the background colour is purple and the leaves appear as a natural un-dyed colour. I’ve played with the tannin iron effect around the edges too so they have very interesting wavy lines as you can see in the photos.

Eco printed linen may be machine washed using a gentle soap; each piece comes with full care instructio ns.

Please note that all the vintage fabric I use in my studio has been selected for quality, texture and antiquity and has been through a rigorous machine wash before and after printing. Some of the fabric that I use may have been woven by hand or on less mechanical looms than are in use today so please be mindful of this when choosing a piece as there may be slight slubs in some areas. Personally I think that this makes this fabric extra special but if you are looking for a totally smooth and less textured fabric vint’age linen may not be for you. I also have tried to photograph the colours accurately but please remember that different screens may display colours slightly differently.

Dimensions: approximately 41 cm x 177 cm (16” x 70”)

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