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The lambswool for this comfy top was woven for me by Philip at Cushendale Woollen Mills, a wonderful family run business just six miles from Clasheen! In the autumn and winter these tops are wonderful with a light t-shirt underneath then in the colder weather layered with a long sleeved silk or wool polo necked jumper (sweater). There is only one size but it’s generous, each piece is hand made and the sleeves plus body of some are slightly more generous and deeper than others. The lambswool tops sit differently on different body shapes depending on height and size. I know that this is difficult to gauge when buying online but I’ve sold these tops to people from size 8 UK up to size 16 and they looked fab on everyone! If you’ve any doubt about the fit please email me with your bust measurement and I will advise whether I think it will be a suitable purchase.

This particular lambswool top is quite muted in tone, it’s eco printed using onion skins from my own kitchen and my butcher’s! I love how the tie marks from the outside of the bundle have created an interesting design on the lower portion of the back of this top. All lambswool items are machine washable and come with full care instructions.

PS I have worn my own onion skin and black tea printed prototype lambswool top for the last 5 years and wash it regularly on the wool setting in my washing machine, it looks as good as the day it was made. / /

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