Nuno Felting

Nuno Felting

What is nuno felting?

Nuno felting is a technique where a small quantity of fibre is combined with fabric to create a strong and flexible felt. Mostly, nuno felting is used for wearable garments and accessories – wool and silk are usually the most popular components; however, finely woven linen or cotton are also both suitable. The heavier the fabric, the more the felt will crinkle and become textured as it shrinks.

Nicola brown Clasheen Nuno Felting

In contrast to the normal wet felting process where you would overlap layers, only one light layer of fibre is necessary in nuno felting. It is also important to work very slowly at the beginning of the nuno felting process to encourage the wool to work through the fabric.

Once the fibres are visible on the reverse side, the felt is ready to be fulled (the shrinking process). When the fibre and fabric have combined and the piece has been successfully fulled, your nuno felting process is done. Rinse and press for best results and your masterpiece is ready.

When choosing fabric, make sure to pick colours that coordinate for best results. Why not check out my YouTube video sharing tips about how I select my fabric?