Nuno felted scarf

Nuno felted scarf

When felting on eco printed fabric, I always choose a stronger colour of fibre rather than a lighter colour. Sometimes I will use pieces of silk that I’m not happy with which do not have dramatic prints.  The addition of darker, stronger colours in the wool and silk mean that they won’t wash out the prints quite as much.

Below I have attached images of a nuno felted scarf with ruffles, eco printed silk, hand dyed merino and silk roving. In this piece you can see the subtlety of the prints after it was felted. It is not dramatic per se, but if you look at the whole piece, it is much more dramatic than adding white or a pale coloured fibre as that can mute everything out more. 

My tip is if you’re going to felt with eco printed fabric, is to go for a strong colour!

Nuno felted scarf Nicola brown

Nicola brown Nuno felted scarf

Nuno felted scarf Nicola brown Clasheen

Nicola brown Clasheen Nuno felted scarf

Why not check out my nuno felting tutorial on YouTube?

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