Felt vessel tutorial

Felt vessel tutorial

Nicola brown Clasheen Felt vessel tutorial

Are you new to wet felt making sculptural forms around a resist and looking for a comprehensive guide with clear instructions about how to create a beautiful vessel? This long form video goes through all the necessary steps in real time to help you achieve successful results, right from the start! Follow along with me as I guide you through the whole process from start to finish and be amazed at the beautiful felt bowl you will be able to create! Although I’m making a decorative bowl this tutorial may be adapted if you would like to felt a cat cave, hat or indeed any simple shaped hollow form.

If you’ve ever wondered how to transform soft and light wool and silk fibre into a bowl such as the one in the image above this is the video for you! Although I made mine in coloured merino and silk I often felt these in natural white so that I can eco print them later. You also can use different varieties of wool and omit the embellishments if you prefer. I used the image below as colour inspiration for mine! Have fun if you try this and please feel free to tag me on social media if you share your results. That way I get to see them and can enjoy your creations too!

Nicola brown Felt vessel tutorial

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