Don’t miss out on Eco Printing GOLD!

Don’t miss out on Eco Printing GOLD!

If you’re interested in learning more about how to achieve crisp and colourful eco prints on fabric in an environmentally mindful and health conscious way please don’t forget to register for my FREE ‘Eco Printing in the Dirty Pot’ bootcamp, if you’ve not already done so! Don’t just take my word that what I share will help you achieve the results you are looking for, check out what relatively recent follower Sally has to say-

“I have been wet felting and needle felting for a few years. Earlier this year I created a felted sculpture of a woman and wet felted a skin, I thought it would be wonderful to use natural vegetation to print designs on this type of work. I came across Nicola Brown on YouTube and became hooked immediately! I honestly have watched everything at least twice! Her selfless and incredible teaching with the dirty pot technique, along with her PDF Booklet, has taken me from complete novice to selling my creations and recently being commissioned for a piece of work. It’s been quite an adventure sourcing my equipment in old salvage places, I’ve loved that connection to old things. I love any practice that moves away from chemicals and repurposes so this approach is perfect. I live in Cumbria in the Lake District and am blessed with incredible nature. I also joined Nicola’s Facebook group that is such a kind supportive space and have again learnt so much from others who are passionate about this art form too. I’m looking forward to more learning and would definitely recommend you take a look at what Nicola is offering.” Sally Bonnie – Cumbria UK



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