Bootcamp Videos and Global Botanical Print Day 2022

Bootcamp Videos and Global Botanical Print Day 2022

Did you enjoy the eco printing in the ‘dirty pot’ bootcamp last week or are you planning on binge watching all the videos on replay?

Here’s a link to the full series, I recommend that you watch them in order so that you can get the most out of the information that I share!

Click HERE or the image below!


This weekend I’m participating in the Global Botanical Print Day 2022. My contribution will be a live-stream and Q&A session about eco printing without traditional powdered mordants and this is taking place at 9am BST (Irish time) on Sunday morning, August 21st (although the image says 20th but that is because of different time zones worldwide). There are many other internationally known contributors sharing about their textile practices and most of them will be sharing insights about working with mordants. It should be very interesting for both camps, indeed there is quite a lot of crossover and I know I’ll enjoy the event!


Please click here to register for the event.